12 Fun Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids At Home

Are the kids getting bored and getting into a routine of too much screen time? Are you looking for some simple exercises that you can do indoors as a family?

If you are looking for simple fun exercises you can do with the kids, I have some exercises you can try below. These are simple and easy to do. They require limited equipment and space, which is always good when you don’t have a lot of room. There are many different options for kids of all ages. Are you ready? Let’s start and get the wiggles out.

12 Fun Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids At Home

1. Dance Party

Don’t we all love a good old dance party. Put on one of the kids favorite tunes or yours and get dancing. Have the kids show you their favorite moves for 10 minutes. This is a fun and simple exercise to get the whole family moving.

2. Stretching

Have the kids lift their arms high up and then down low to touch their toes. Repeat five times. Then have the kids sit on the floor with their legs stretched out and have them try to touch their toes. Those are some easy simple stretches.

3. Ballon Ball

Who does not love balloon ball? Blow up some balloons and have the kids have a balloon match. Exercise those arms, they can play hitting the balloon back and forth. Mom and dad can get in on the fun too. My kids love playing this game.

4. Squats

Squats are an easy exercise to do. Have them do 5 squats take a break and then repeat for 5 more times.

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are another easy exercise for the kids. Have them do 5 jumping jacks, take a break and then repeat 2 times.

6. Mini Work Out Stations

This is a fun idea you can try, make mini work out stations in your home. Each child will go to each station taking turns doing small exercises at each station. When you say time is up then they will move to the next station.

What are some Work Out Station Ideas?

  1. Push up station( do mini push-ups on the wall just using your arms)
  2. Dancing station( give us your best moves for 2 minutes)
  3. Jumping jack station
  4. Jumping station( Have them do some jumping up and down)
  5. Ball station (throwing the ball into laundry basket)
  6. Stretching station( have them reach up high then low and touch their toes)

7. Soup Cans

Lets do some weight lifting but lets make it fun and use soup cans. Have the kids follow you in lifting the soup cans and doing arm curls and arm raises.

8. Skipping Rope

If you have a skipping rope this is a fun exercise, have everyone take turns and do some light skipping.

9. Basketball

My kids are always playing basketball in the house, which drives me crazy sometimes, but it is a fun exercise that keeps them active. You can improvise on this one use whatever you have like a laundry basket and let them shoot some hopes. Use soft balls or socks as basketballs. You can also get the door basketball hoops.

10. Kicks/Leg raises

Become a karate master and lead this fun exercise having the kids show you their best kicks and leg raises.

11. Ball Toss

This is a fun and simple exercise. Have everyone space out a little bit and then toss the ball. If you drop the ball then your are out. Whoever has not dropped a ball at the end is the winner.

12. Low Impact Online Exercise

Finally you can just throw on a nice low impact exercise that you can all follow along and do as a family.

I hope you got some ideas for your next family work out session. Let me know what is your family’s fun things to do for exercise indoors.