16 Best Tips For Easy Family Travel When Flying

16 Best Tips For Easy Family Travel

1. Avoid The Rush

When you are traveling with the family it is a good idea to leave early. You know how hectic it is to get all the kids ready and out the door. It is best to plan ahead to leave early to make sure you have enough time just in case something comes up. It also gives you time to get through security and relax a bit before you get on the plane, so you are not rushing at the last minute with the kids.

2. Leave Early

I also like to leave early so that we have enough time to get to the airport and get through security.

3. Shop Around For The Best Deal

Before you book your ticket and the hotel, you should shop around so that you can find the best deal for your travel plans. We all want to save money, right? Nomadic Matt has a great article on finding cheap flights. You can read it here.

4. Pack Wisely

I always make the mistake of overpacking on all our trips. I think it is a better idea to pack light and only the things that you will need. Plan to leave some extra room for things you might buy while on your trip.

5. Plan Ahead For Parking

With the holiday rush, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and leave early so that you can get parking. You don’t want to spend the majority of your time looking for a parking space.

6. Travel Early In The Day

I like to travel early in the day if possible with my kids, it seems that they are less grumpy because they have had a good night sleep and are ready and excited to be going on a trip.

7. Pack Lots Of Snacks

Make sure to pack lots of snacks to keep the kids happy. I like to keep snacks in plastic bags or in containers.

What Are Some Snack Ideas?

  • Graham Crackers
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Cereal
  • granola bars
  • Sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Raisin Packs

8. Pre-book Airline Seats

You should pre-book your airline seats if you can especially if you want to sit together as a family or at least close by.

9. Bring Quiet Toys

I always like to bring quite toys on the airplane so that I am not bothering the other passengers.

What Are Some Quite Activity Ideas?

  • Books
  • Tablet with headphones
  • Coloring Book or Drawing
  • Sticker Book
  • Window Letters
  • Magnetic Puzzle
  • Baby Activity Ball
  • Teething toy or necklace
  • Favorite Teddy Bear

10. Pack Headphones

Remember to pack headphones for each child and it is a good idea to download some games before you leave.

11. TSA Precheck

If you can it is a good idea to TSA precheck this will save a lot of time.

12. Sit In The Back

I personally like to sit in the back close to the bathroom because it seems my children always have to go. I hate having to always go to the back to get to the bathroom. The only problem with this is that you always get served last.

13. Check Stroller At The Gate

Check the stroller at the gate so that you can use it until you get on the airplane.

14. Have Extra Baby Supplies On Hand

Make sure you have all the baby supplies in a bag that you can access easily when you need it.

15. Plan For Ear Pain

Make sure you have a plan to address the ear pain your kids or baby will experience. Have the baby drink a bottle or breastfeed. Have your younger kids chew on gummy bears if that can’t chew on gum.

16. Dress Comfortable

Dress yourself and the kids comfortable so that the trip will run smoothly. If the kids are too hot or too cold then they will be uncomfortable and grumpy.

What are some tips you use when you are flying with your family? Don’t forget to hit the pin button.

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