16 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for great DIY gift ideas for father’s day? Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift, so why not make something special just for dad. Below you will find 16 DIY ideas your family can use to create a nice gift for your father.

16 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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1. DIY Paper Bag Father’s Day Book

Make this cute gift for dad out of paper lunch bags. You can find the directions on I heart Craft Things.

2. Candy Tackle Box

Gather up your dads favorite candies and make this cute tackle box as a gift. You can find the directions on Crafty Morning.

3. Baseball Glove Photo Pop-Up Father’s Day Card

Make dad this cute baseball glove pop up card. Find the directions on Soccer Mom Blog.

4. Personalized Spatula

Make a personalized spatula just for dad. Find the directions on Skip To My Lou.

5. Daddy Ties

Your dad will love these creative diy ties. Find the instructions on Crafting Chicks.

6. Father’s Day Medals

Award the best dad with some homemade medals for being such a great dad. Find the directions on And We Play.

7. Father’s Day Trophy

Make this cute father’s day Trophy. You can find the directions on Smart Class.

8. Father’s Day Handprint Platter

Your dad will love this cute handprint platter. Find the directions on Crafty Momma in Me.

9. Handprint Keychain

Make dad this adorable handprint keychain. You can find the directions on Gray House Harbor.

10. Bake Dad A Special Cake or Cookies

Bake dad a special cake and decorate. Or you could bake dad his favorite cookies and find a nice container to put in and wrap it up.

11. Decorate a picture frame

Find a nice picture frame and decorate it. Then put a nice picture of you and your dad in it.

12. Design a Mug for dad

Find a nice mug and design it just for dad.

13. Decorate A T-shirt

Make dad the best t-shirt designed just by you. Here is an example from HGTV.

14. Create A Special Song Or Show Just For Dad

Have the kids prepare a special song or play just for dad.

15. Make A Gift Basket With His Favorite Things

Make a gift basket and fill it with all your dads favorite things.

16. Paint A Picture

Paint a nice picture for your dad and wrap it up.

Have fun making these gifts for your dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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