34 Fun Indoor Kids Activities and Crafts

Are you looking for fun indoor activities and crafts to keep the kids busy? I have made a list of over 30 fun games, activities and craft ideas.


1. Board Games

Time to bring out your kids favorite board game or make your own. My kids love to play Sorry.

2. Play I Spy

Play a game of I spy.

3. Hide and Seek

See who can find the best place to hide.

4. Dance Party

Play your kids favorite tunes and have a dance party. This will also give them plenty of exercise.

5. Musical Chairs

This is a fun game to play. Have the kids walk around the chairs when the music stops everyone sits down. The person left standing is out.

6. Tic Tac Toe

Have a tic tac toe competition.

7. Educational Family Feud

Play some family feud. You create the themes for the family feud and the answers. Have the kids take turns being the host and the guests answering the questions.

8. Bowling

Have a bowling match in the house using whatever you have available for bowling pins and a ball.

9. Card Games

Teach the kids some new card games or have them play their favorite card games.

10. Balloon Games

Balloon games are always fun and cheap for the kids to play. My kids love to have balloon matches.

11. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Have a indoor treasure hunt. Place things around the house and have the kids go find them.

12. Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Play pin the tail on the donkey.

13. Sorting Games

For the younger kids sorting games are always fun.

14. Tape Games

15. Sock Games

16. Puzzles

Puzzles are another fun activity to keep the kids busy.

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Craft Ideas

17. Make A Caterpillar

Make a caterpillar. You can find the directions here on Easy Peasy and Fun.

18. Make A Bouncy Ball

Homemade bouncy ball. Find the directions here on Lifes Carousel.

19. Make A Paper Fish

Paper Plate Fish. Directions can be found here on Kid Friendly Thing to Do.

20. Make An Owl

Paper Plate Owl Craft. You can find the directions here on Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls.

21. Make Slime

Make Slime. Find the directions to make slime here on One Crazy Mom.

22. Painting

Have the kids paint a nice picture to send to grandma and grandpa.

23. Paint Rocks

Get the kids to find their favorite rock in the yard and have them paint a nice picture on the rock.

24. Make Homemade Playdough

Make Homemade Playdough. You can find the recipe here on Living Well Mom.

25. Make Jewelry

Jewelry making is a fun idea. You can make necklaces and braclets.

26. Make Paper Airplanes

Have fun making paper airplanes and color them. Then you can have airplane racing matches.


27. Read Books

Set aside some quite time for reading.

28. Make Your Own Books

Have the kids make their own books.

29. Coloring Books

Another quite activity is just coloring.

30. Flashcards

Get some learning in and practice flash cards.

31. Write Letters To Grandpa And Grandma

Set aside a time for writing letters to grandma and grandpa.

32. Diary Writing

If they are older set aside a time to write in their diary.

33. Science Projects

34. Baking

Now is a good time to teach the kids some baking skills. Have them help bake something easy like cookies.

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