20 Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

Have you been searching for delicious summer dessert recipes? You have come to the right place.

I have gathered a list of some of the best desserts for you to make this summer. Included are cheesecakes, bars, peach cobbler, icebox cake, and many more options to choose from.

Let’s get started going through the list of tasty desserts.

Summer Dessert Recipes

strawberry hand pie

1. Mini Strawberry Cheesecake

The first recipe on the list shows you how to make the best cheesecake. These cheesecakes are made into mini sizes that are perfect for the whole family.

They use a great homemade graham cracker crust. That crust is then filled with the best creamy filling and strawberry sauce. My kids loved this recipe so much it was gone in no time.

Get this recipe on Live Well Bake Often.

strawberry bar

2. Strawberry Dessert Bars

This recipe shows you how to make the most delicious crumb bars. The bars are loaded with strawberries tucked into a tasty buttery crust that is topped with a crunchy buttery topping. This is an easy recipe to make and it tastes amazing.

Get this recipe on Flavor Mosaic.

lemon bars

3. Lemon Bars

I love everything that has lemon in it, so I had to add this lemon dessert recipe to the list. These lemon bars have a rich, tart flavor that tastes great. It is a simple recipe that is perfect for summer.

Get this recipe on All Recipes.

fruit salad

4. Fruit Salad

This is the season to enjoy all the delicious fruits. Fruit salads are easy to make and they taste delicious on a hot summer day.

This salad is packed with a variety of fruits like cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapples, and other tasty fruits. It is topped with a delicious homemade honey-lime dressing.

Get this recipe on Clean and Delicious.

pineapple cake

5. Sunshine Cake

If you are looking for an easy cake recipe to make this summer, then you defiantly have to try this recipe.

This pineapple sunshine cake would make the perfect summer dessert. It is full of pineapple flavor and is topped with the best fruit whipped pudding frosting.

Get this recipe on Love Bakes Good Cakes.

ice cream cake

6. Ice Cream Cake

Forget going to the store to pick up an ice cream cake. Just follow this recipe and make your own delicious homemade ice cream cake at home.

This cake is filled with a mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, all combined with cream and hot fudge. I am sure this recipe will be a hit with your family, it was with ours.

Get this recipe on Lauren’s Latest.

strawberry smoothie

7. Strawberry Smoothie

On a hot day, nothing is better than finding a cool spot to relax and sip on a delicious strawberry smoothie.

This recipe takes you through the steps needed to make the best homemade strawberry smoothie. This smoothie is loaded with strawberries and delicious flavors.

Get this recipe on The Recipe Rebel.

peach cobbler

8. Peach Cobbler

This is one of my favorite peach dessert recipes. It is quick, easy to make, and tastes awesome. This recipe shows you how to make the best peach cobbler.

Top it off with ice cream and you will have the best summer dessert.

Get this recipe on Lil Luna.

blackberry cake

9. Blackberry Cake

Here is another great cake recipe for you to try. This recipe shows you how to make the best blackberry cake.

It is inspired by their grandma’s recipe that has been passed down from five generations.

Get this recipe on Taste of Home.

raspberry bars

10. Raspberry Bars

Use up your raspberries and make these delicious raspberry streusel bars.

It has four layers that are loaded with raspberry filling and topped with vanilla icing.

Get this recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

berry cake

11. Berry Ice Box Cake

The whole family will love this berry icebox cake. The best part besides it tasting so good is that this is a no-bake recipe.

I love no-bake recipes they save you so much time. This is the perfect dessert to make on a hot summer day.

Get this recipe on Cakes Cottage.

strawberry popsicle

12. Strawberry Popsicle

Make your own popsicles at home. This recipe shows how to make the best strawberry popsicles.

Only 3 simple ingredients are needed to make this recipe. I am sure your kids will love these popsicles.

Get this recipe on Made To Be A Momma.

baked peaches

13. Baked Peaches

Summer and peaches go together so well. If you are wondering what to do with a bunch of peaches, why not bake them.

This recipe shows you how to make the best-baked peaches. They turn out juicy, tender, and full of flavors.

Top with ice cream and you have the best treat to enjoy.

Get this recipe on Well plated.

lemon cream tart

14. Lemon Cream Tart

Here is another tasty lemon recipe that is full of flavors. This lemon cream tart is filled with the best citrus cream.

You should defiantly try this recipe for your summer dessert, you won’t regret it.

Get this recipe on Confession of a Baking Queen.

smores bars

15. Smores Bars

Try this delicious loaded smores recipe. These loaded soft and gooey smores taste great.

It is quick and easy to prepare and is a great dessert for you to try this summer.

Get this recipe on Averie Cooks.

strawberry parfait

16. Strawberry Parfait

Make your own parfaits at home. This recipe shows you how to make a delicious strawberry parfait.

Get this recipe on Food Network.

fruit pizza

17. Fruit Pizza

Use up your fruits and make the best fruit pizza. This recipe starts on a jumbo cookie dough and gets transformed into the most delicious fruit pizza.

They walk you through all the steps needed to make this pizza.

Get this recipe on Pinch of Yum.

18. Fruit Salsa

Here is the perfect summer snack to make. This fruit salsa is loaded with fresh fruits.

It is sweet and full of flavors. They also include a cinnamon sugar chips recipe you can make and use for dipping.

Get this recipe on Spend with Pennies.

strawberry mini pies

19. Strawberry Hand Pies

This recipe shows you how to make the best homemade strawberry pies.

Get this recipe on King Arthur Flour.

strawberry sundae

20. Strawberry Sundae

The last recipe on the list shows you how to make the best homemade strawberry sundae.

Get this recipe on Food Network.

Enjoy making these delicious desserts.

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Best Summer Dessert Recipes

Delicious dessert recipes.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time45 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Dessert Recipes, Summer dessert recipes
Servings: 9
Calories: 320kcal


  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Cream Cheese
  • Milk
  • Strawberries


  • Pick a dessert recipe to make.
  • Gather all your ingredients.
  • Follow the recipe instructions.
  • Make the recipe and enjoy.


Nutrition, serving size, and cooking time may vary depending upon which recipe you choose.