22 Foods That Start With E

What are foods that start with the letter E? If you have been looking for the answer to that question, you have come to the right place.

I have gathered a list of foods that start with the letter E for you. You will find the list with pictures and information about each food.

Let’s get started going through the list of foods.

Foods That Start With The Letter E

1. Eggs

Eggs are a delicious breakfast food that you can cook in a variety of ways.

Eat them hard-boiled, scrambled, sunny-side up, poached, deviled, and fried.

Eggshells can range in color from white to brown to olive green. The nutrition is the same regardless of the color of the shell.

hard boiled eggs

2. Eggplant

The eggplant is an edible fruit in the nightshade family. It is purple with a spongy texture. The size can range from 2 inches to 12 inches long.

You can eat the seeds in the eggplant, which makes it easy to cook.

Ways to cook the eggplant are grilling, stewing, deep-frying, sautéing, frying, and baking.

The eggplant has a taste similar to a zucchini. It is slightly bitter with a mild, tender, sweet taste.


3. Escargot

Escargot is a snail dish that is eaten in many European countries like France.

It is high in protein with a low fat count. The most common way to serve escargot is as an appetizer.

Usually, it is cooked with parsley and garlic butter.


4. Enchilada

An enchilada is a Mexican dish made with corn tortillas.

The tortilla is rolled with a variety of ingredients like meats, cheese, potatoes, beans, and vegetables.

It is usually served with chili sauce.


5. Eggnog

Eggnog is a milk drink that is made with cream, milk, sugar, egg whites, egg yolks, and then seasoned with spices like nutmeg

It has a frothy texture and is usually served chilled.

This drink is very popular during the Christmas season.


6. Endive

Endive is a leafy vegetable that comes from the chicory family.

The endive can be eaten raw or cooked.

It is used a lot in salad dishes. It can also be roasted and grilled.

When endives are cooked they have a nutty, slightly sweet flavor.


7. Eel

Eel is a snake-like fish. They live in shallow waters and barrow themselves into the sand or mud.

Freshwater eels have scales, whereas the ocean eels have none.

They have sharp teeth, but not the best eyesight.

Eels can range from 2′ to 12′ in length.


8. Egg Salad

It is a dish that is made from eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, celery, and seasoning.

Many people use it as a filling for their egg sandwiches.

egg salad

9. Edamame

Edamame is young soybeans. The pods are steamed or boiled.

They can be served with salt or other condiments.

They are a popular side dish in Japanese restaurants.

The taste of the edamame is buttery, nutty, with a touch of sweetness.


10. Elderberry

It is a purple berry that comes from the European elder tree.

Some people use elderberries to make jam, syrup, pie, and wine.


11. Espresso

An espresso is a form of coffee that is served in shots. It is thicker and higher in caffeine than coffee. The taste is also stronger.

It is usually served in smaller portions than coffee. It has a creamer thicker texture than coffee.

Coffee and espresso are different in the way they grind it and the treatment of the beans.


12. Escabeche

Escabeche is a fish or meat dish that is marinated and then cooked in an acidic sauce with citrus and spices.


13. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is creamy ultra-concentrated milk that is canned and can be stored for months.

It is made by heating the milk until 60 percent of the water has evaporated.

The color is darker than regular milk. It can be used in savory and sweet dishes.

evaporated milk

14. Egg Noddles

Egg noodles are noodles that are made with flour.

The unleavened dough is rolled flat, cut, and stretched into long strips or strings.

They are easy to prepare and cook. They taste great in soups, stroganoff, and goulash.

egg noodles

15. Egg Drop Soup

It is a Chinese soup that uses beaten eggs in chicken broth.

Add ginger and spices to create a nice soothing flavor.

egg drop soup

16. Elk

The elk is one of the largest species in the deer family.

They reside in the forest and feed on plants, leaves, bark, and grass.

The males have antlers that they shed every year.

You can make steaks, burgers, and casseroles with this type of meat.

elk burger

17. Eggfruit

Eggfruit is a fruit that is bright yellow. When the fruit is ripe it is custardy, smooth which resembles a hard-boiled egg yolk.

This fruit works great in ice cream, pie filling, bread, cakes, pancakes, and custards.

You can also blend it with milk and make a smoothie.


18. Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a deep-fried appetizer that is served in many Chinese restaurants.

The egg roll is filled with cabbage, pork, and other ingredients that are wrapped in a wheat flour skin that is fried in hot oil.

egg rolls

19. Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan is a casserole that is layered with slices of eggplants used instead of pasta.

eggplant parmesan

20. Elbow Macaroni

It is a dry pasta that resembles narrow tubes.

Elbow macaroni is made with durum wheat and is cut into short lengths.

It is one of the most common pasta shapes.

This macaroni tastes great in casseroles, soups, and salads.

elbow macaroni

21. English Muffin

The English muffin is a round, small bread that is usually toasted and served with butter.

You can also top it with jam, eggs, honey, sausages, bacon, or cheese.

english muffin

22. Extra Olive Virgin Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a liquid from olives.

The difference between olive oil and extra virgin is that the extra virgin is made from pure cold-pressed olives. The regular is made from a blend.

Extra virgin olive oil is often used for cooking, frying, and salad dressing.

extra virgin olive oil

I hope you enjoyed this list of foods that start with the letter E.

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