50 Foods That Start With I

What foods start with I? The first things that come to my mind when I think of I foods are Ice pop and Ice cream. While doing my research, I found quite a bit of foods and drinks that start with I. So I came up with a list of 50 foods and drinks to share with you.

There are some familiar foods on the list like Ice cream, Instant noodles, and Ice cream soda. But also uncommon foods like Isidudu. I also included information about the foods. Let’s get started going through the list.

50 Foods That Start With I

idiyappam, iceberg lettuce, idli steamed cakes, italian wedding soup, injera, iced gems

1. Idiyappam

What is Idiyappam? Idiyappam is a dish that is made from rice flour. The rice flour is combined into noodles which are shaped into a disk-like form, which is then steamed.

It is commonly served for breakfast. Idiyappam is usually served along with a curry dish like chicken curry.

2. Iceberg Lettuce

What is your favorite type of lettuce? I like iceberg lettuce. This type of lettuce is crispy and crunchy with a slightly sweet taste.

It has light green leaves and loves to hide out in bulbs that resemble cabbages. Iceberg lettuce is best grown in cool temperatures.

3. Isidudu

Isidudu is an African breakfast dish similar to porridge. Ground corn is used to make this dish, along with water, salt, milk, butter, sugar, and lemon.

4. Inca Berry

Did you know that Inca berries aren’t really berries? Can you guess what they are? Well, they are actually grouped with tomatoes but are very different. Inca berries form inside a husk covering while they grow.

They have a slightly sweet and citrus taste. Inca berries are grown in Peru.

5. Ice Apple

Ice Apple comes from the sugar palm tree and, despite the name, is actually available in the summer. The inside of the fruit is juicy, and when you eat it, you get a cooling feeling. It has a semi-sweet taste with a touch of coconut.

6. Itailian Wedding Soup

This soup is loaded with vegetables and meat. It gets its name Italian wedding soup from the Italian phrase, which means married soup. This is referencing the marriage of the meat and the greens in the soup. It has a nice warming taste.

7. Isi Ewu

Isi Ewu is a popular dish from Nigeria. It is made with the goat’s head.

8. Idli

Idli is a delicious steamed cake made with lentil butter and rice. The taste is slightly sour. You can compare it to the taste of sourdough bread.

9. Isaw

Isaw is made from chicken intestines and BBQ pig. It is a popular food from the Philippines, usually sold by street vendors. The taste is slightly salty and bitter.

10. Irish Breakfast Tea

A combination of various black teas is used to make Irish Breakfast Tea. It has a slightly red color. The taste is described as malty and robust.

11. Injera

Injera is shaped like a pancake. It is a flatbread that has been fermented and is made of teff flour. Injera is a popular African dish. The taste is bitter, tangy, and slightly sour.

12. Idaho Potatoes

Idaho potatoes are potatoes grown in Idaho. The growing conditions for potatoes are good in Idaho because of the rich soil. They are excellent for making mashed potatoes or baked potatoes.

13. Ice Vegetable

This distinctive vegetable comes from South Africa. It has a frosted look to it. This vegetable is excellent for stir-fries. The cool thing about it is that even after you cook it, it still stays nice and crunchy.

14. Indian Black Salt

Indian black salt is volcanic rock salt. The salt starts as pink salt, which is then heated with seeds, spices, and herbs. This heating process turns the salt a dark color. But when the salt is grounded, it has a light pink color.

15. Illawarra Plum

IIlawarra plums have two sections a seed and a purple blackberry. They have a texture similar to a grape. The taste has a slight pine flavor. They are commonly used in sauces, chili, marinades, preserves, muffins, and cheesecake.

16. Iced Gems

Ice gems are tiny round biscuits with icing on top. The icing comes in various colors that are made into a swirl shape.

17. Imbe Fruit

Imbe is a fruit. It is very sweet with a slight citrus and orange flavor.

18. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are precooked noodles that are sold in cups, bowls, or packets. The package contains noodles and a flavoring packet.

You add hot water to cook them. They are quick to make and cheap to buy.

19. Irish Soda Bread

What is Irish soda bread? It is a bread that does not have any yeast in it. The bread is soft, dense with a crispy texture. The taste is mild. I like to spread jam or butter on my bread.

20. Iru

Iru is locus beans that are fermented and processed. It is very popular in Nigeria and is used as a condiment when cooking. Iru tastes great in soups.

Other Foods That Start With I

21. Instant Coffee

22. Indian Fry Bread

23. Instant Soup

24. Indian Gooseberry

25. Irish Stew

26. Itailian Bread

27. Indian Hog Plum

28. Ice Cream Soda

29. Indian Prune Fruit

30. Ice Cream Sundae

31. Indian Persimmon

32. Instant Pudding

33. Indian sherbert Berry

34. Instant Oatmeal

35. Ice Cream

36. Irish Soda Breas

37. Ice Pop

38. Iced Coffee

39. Iced Tea

40. Indian Mustard

41. Inga Edulis

42. Irish Cream

43. Israeli Falafel

44. Indian Pea

45. Icing

46. Indian Almond Fruit

47. Icelandic Shark

48. Indian Curry

49. Irish Cactus

50. Imperial Fizz

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